OCP Scope

The Operation Control Platform (OCP) is conceived as an ICT platform that supports the execution of civilian EEAS missions by facilitating information exchange and supporting situation awareness and operation control.

The platform is not intended to (autonomously) control an operation, or to solely support operation control. An OCP is, for all means and intentions, an information environment that facilitates critical processes across an active mission organisation.

An OCP provides key functions needed to support day-to-day activities, such as sharing information among peers, situation reporting, resource management, event monitoring and access to information sources. The OCP connects actors through secure and robust channels, and helps to achieve:

  • Core communication and collaboration functionalities (e.g. data sharing, information exchange, resource/asset management workflow automation)
  • Core infrastructure and enabling services (e.g. authentication and authorisation services)
  • Supporting functions: external application connection, administration functions, management and maintenance (e.g. user management, backup, archival, logging)
  • Informing and communicating with external parties, including operation partners and the public.

Depending on development choices, the OCP may contain additional functionalities, for example dedicated functions for situation awareness creation or decision support.