Frame of Analysis

The CIVILEX frame of analysis addresses factors of influence on effective CSDP missions implementation at three different levels: institutional, working processes level and technological in an integrated manner. A sound analysis at these three levels is required to obtain a clear view of the current state of affairs of information management and exchange and to ensure the delivery of a coherent and useful set of recommendations for the OCP development.

  1. The institutional level deals with the political and institutional environment within which civilian CSDP missions are positioned. This level covers the agreements at the EU level, the wider EEAS structure, and the policies and regulations that impact the mission organisation and operation.
  2. The organisational level and working process level address the mission organisation. This includes the organisation of roles, tasks and responsibilities within and among CSDP missions, and the operational connections with external parties. Working processes cover the procedures that are in place at the operational level.
  3. The technical level covers the technical systems (hardware, software, networks) in place, and associated non-mission-specific processes, such as system management and maintenance, encryption, user access management, and other functionalities.