Established as an independent foundation in 1986, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is a ‘think and do tank’ that supports policy dialogue and analysis on key policy issues relating to trade, international relations, peacebuilding, governance and development. The main goal of the Centre is to link policy and practice in European development and international cooperation and to act as an independent broker between Europe and Africa, in particular.

ECDPM’s work includes policy-oriented research, policy dialogue facilitation, knowledge networking, the provision of tailor-made analysis and independent advice, and supporting capacity and institutional development for government and non-governmental organisations. One of the four main themes around which ECDPM organises its work is to develop an integrated and coherent external EU policy post-Lisbon Treaty.

ECDPM’s Conflict, Security and Resilience Programme supports actors and institutions, in particular the EU, to consolidate their policy responses to conflict, security and resilience. The programme works to enhance the EU’s overall political and institutional capacity and coherence to be an effective global player in dealing with conflict prevention, crisis response, and peacebuilding and statebuilding. In light of this, substantial research and facilitation work has been conducted on the EU’s comprehensive approach to external conflict and crisis, analysing how to effectively connect diplomatic, development and security actors on the ground. ECDPM has also conducted a study on the EU Special Representatives (EUSRs) System, and has done various publications on the role of EU Delegations in EU external action.