CIVILEX papers

In the framework of the CIVILEX project two papers have been submitted and accepted at two international events.

  1. A research paper ‘Information Management in a Civilian Mission. EUCAP Somalia Case Study’ has been accepted for presentation and publication at the International Conference on Military Communications and Information Systems ICMCIS 15-16 May 2017.
  2. An abstract for the research paper ‘Situational Awareness and Interoperability for Civilian Missions’ at the 22nd International Command and Control Research & Technology Symposium ICCRTS 6-8 November 2017.
  3. See the abstract below:

    The complexity of contemporary external action missions is increasing with a growing number of civilian actors operating in a shared environment with the military. Following a comprehensive approach, information between the various civilian and military actors has to be exchanged in order to derive a common operational picture and align the partners’ activities according to the actual situation. To this end – that is, to increase overall operational effectiveness and efficiency – respective capabilities both on the civilian and the military side have to be (further) developed.
    We contribute to such developments firstly by describing requirements that have been identified by the CIVILEX project (funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program under grant agreement no 700197). CIVILEX aims to enhance the common understanding and situational awareness in the context of EU civilian crisis management and wider external action. The project takes a hybrid approach that comprises both technical and institutional/policy-related elements that affect information management and exchange. Secondly, we take these requirements to propose elements of a civilian federated framework for future European External Action Service missions, to ultimately help improve civilian-military information sharing.